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Learn Greek, Support Open Access

Lee Hachadoorian on May 22nd 2012

Open Access publishing refers to making scholarship—primarily journal articles, but data is often included here as well—freely available to the public. Open Access became international news earlier this year when mathematician Timothy Gowers announced that he was boycotting Elsevier, a major academic publisher, and thousands of other researchers signed (and are still signing) on. (For a short overview of Open Access, see the just-published Open Access and the Future of Academic Scholarship by Barbara Fister—thanks to Maura Smale @msmale for the link.) Continue Reading »

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The Panopticon Comes to Atlantic City

Lee Hachadoorian on Mar 5th 2011

I’m a big game player, and have been involved (mostly just listening in) with CUNY Games Network, a great group of CUNY faculty devoted to games-based learning. Games can teach us a lot, either through being fun ways to instill content (a simple quiz game which could be adapted to any subject), or having gameplay that is based on the subject matter (like using Pandemic in a public health class). Like everyone else in the world, I first played Monopoly as a kid. But while most people seem to outgrow it, or merely tire of it, I find it more interesting as an adult. The negotiation phase that dominates the middle game, when most properties have been put into play but few color group monopolies have been formed, is the heart of the game—the most challenging and the most fun. Continue Reading »

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