Lee Hachadoorian on Dec 25th 2010

The Free City has many neighborhoods, and the borders between them are porous. Free City is named for my interest in using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in my academic research in Urban Economic Geography, and these two areas will form the core of the Free City, but we will visit many other neighborhoods as well. While inspired by my academic work, in general I will not be discussing my own research. Rather, I will discuss other ideas growing out of my research and teaching, including research tools, pedagogical methods and musings, and reactions to media coverage of issues related to the economy and geography of urban areas.

I will rotate posts between urban commentary and technical how-tos related to the research tools I use. Particularly important for my research are databases, statistics, and GIS (geographic information systems), which I will discuss with a bias towards FOSS tools. I will also make occasional forays into other aspects of open everything (including open space, open courseware, open access publishing, and open governance / participatory democracy), pedagogy (including instructional technology and games-based learning), and other, not-necessarily-technological tools for effective academic research and writing.

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